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I am dyslexic and I embrace it with all my love.

Güncelleme tarihi: 27 Haz 2020

I am dyslexic and I embrace it with all my love.

I am dyslexic, having finished two universities going on third, I even find it hard spelling it sometimes “dys-le-xic”. This may sound funny or even weird for you to hear, but this is the truth.

At school, I was terrified to read something out loud. I thought it was the bullying that was making me shy. Never knew until I was 36 when my son was assessed, that I too was dyslexic.

I was always terrible at maths and memorizing the time tables. I thought it was from frequently moving countries. There seemed to be an explanation for it all, but I was never assessed.

Throughout my academic life, always knew something was different but couldn’t really put a finger on it but kept going. I got therapy to help me speak in front of a crowd so I can present the projects at school.

Years later I gave speeches, trained many staff and nowadays even run my own workshops.

I still find it hard to memorize a new name or a word that I have not heard of before unless I match it with an image or another word. But I learned to do that in years. I used to say I am terrible with names.

Throughout my career, I always checked my spelling every time I wrote an email, designed a brochure or prepared an announcement. Even a word I commonly use like “beautiful” I sometimes get confused and check again, to this very day, I still check.

I often get distracted a lot, find it hard to prioritize. So I make up a system for myself. That’s why I love my routines and rituals. Always take many notes and have since university.

I am diverse, I am different, I am unique. It’s ok if everyone doesn’t understand, there are many who can.

I am creative, I write a lot, I have amazing ideas and turn them into programs that people can use.

I am a single mom of a dyslexic child, we get creative together and have lots of fun. I understand his challenges and his fears as I too have walked and I am walking the same path.

By embracing myself I learned to love myself just as I am.

Now I am sharing this love by reminding people to love themselves and embrace their own selves just as they are. So everyone can love themselves to freedom.

I had to fix probably around 20 mistakes on this post, to get the message to you, but that’s ok, I know it comes from my heart, and I know I have tools to channel it through and live gracefully with it.

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