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Your message is unique baby

you are unique

Have you ever felt that you were not enough and that other people could do whatever you are doing better?

Or maybe even been told that what your doing is a waste of time and that you have missed being first at it?

Well you know what - stuff that! (that is all nonsense)

Your message is unique baby

I believe we are all messengers on this planet. You, me and everyone that we encounter. That’s why, if you believe you have a message to get across to the world, or maybe just to your local neighbourhood or maybe at school or at work, or to your friend or family. Don’t be discouraged by other people who are doing something similar.

Don’t say, "oh they no somebody else has done it first".

Because honey, no one is better than anybody else.

We are all different and we all cater to different needs. I love this dialog from the biography film "Nowhere boy" when John Lennon said to his mother “Why couldn’t God make me Elvis?” his mother replied “because he was saving you for John Lennon”. I was struck by it the first time I heard it. They are both legends now, but do you see the perspective? Everyone here has a purpose and a message to give.

Someone could be earning more money than you or maybe have more instagram followers, or maybe have a new york times best seller book. This does not make you or your message less valuable. That one persons life you have an impact on is worth a lifetime. It is worth it all. Get your motivation from there. From your one client, from one colleague, from your child, from your mother, from your friend, from animals, from nature… believe me we all have an impact on someone or something. So don’t let anyone discourage you or do it to yourself. Get your message out there, take action and have an impact on someone's life, most importantly your own.

Lots of love Yesim

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